Thursday is Strength Day!

We can ALL benefit from a good strength day.

Luckily, Thursday IS a strength day…

REMEMBER, there are options for ALL levels, so you don’t EVER need to worry about wether or not our program will be too difficult or to easy for you.

TRUST the process and have some fun!

Thursday’s Strength Workout:

15 work/15 rest x 6 rounds:
  • Clean R or birddog (1 side)
  • Clean L or birddog (other side)
  •  Press R or 1 arm push up
  • Press L or 1 arm push up
  • Split Squat R
  • Split Squat L
  • Row R
  • Row L
  • Ab Choice
  • Cardio

Let’s do this!

Here’s the link to our Strength Workout for Thursday: