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Strength Day!

Thursday is a great Strength Day!

The Courtyards are OPEN and we can’t wait to see you!

It’s a NEW Month are we are looking forward to the crisp, cool and clear Fall Weather.

The Training Room is so thankful that we have this opportunity to provide quality outdoor Fitness at a time when staying healthy is paramount!

Here’s your STRENGTH Workout for Thursday:

20 work / 20 rest / 20 work x 5 Rounds:

  1. Split squat L/R
  2. Press OH or Floor L/R
  3. Heavy Rows L/R
  4. ABs pick 2
  5. Cardio Choice Pick 2 (Ex. Skaters / sq thrusts..)

Let’s MOVE!!!

Freestyle Strength HOME Workout!

30/20 x 5 freestyle strength

  • any upper pull (RR, pull-up, static, rope, Kb, etc.)
  • any squat (goblet,mace, sledge hammer, pistol, split,etc.)
  • any upper push (kb or db OH press, leverage press, push-up, dips, etc.)
  • any lower pull  (swing, dead, snatch,clean, supers, hip brigde, LC,etc.)
  • any Ab (rotations, anti, planks,dead bugs, bosu etc)

Plus a FINISHER… Don’t give up!