Strength Day PLUS LIVE Yoga

Saturday Strength Day at Training Room Online is going to leave you feeling at the top of your game!  

Strength Day is a great time to focus on building your weaknesses!

With 1 Minute Intervals you will have time to focus on your form and technique… try to maintain good form even until the very last rep!

We will also be going LIVE with a 40-45 Minute Yoga Class with Alicia at 9am! 

This Video will also be recorded so you can practice anytime throughout the week. 

There will be some traditional Yoga & some GOATA Movement flow to help keep you safe, strong and supple!

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Time to breakdown our Strength Workout for Saturday:

Play around with this warm-up! (video)

You will work for 1 Minute followed by 1 of Active Rest 

  1. Cleans, Snatches, Swings or Supermans
  2. Push Press, Kettlebell Jerk or Hindu Push-Ups
  3. Long Cycle (Clean & Press), Alternate Back Lunges or Step Ups

Eamples of Active Rest Include: Rope Flow, Jumping Jacks, Small Steps, Jog in Place, Jump Rope, Marching…

Enjoy your weekend!  As always, keep the comments coming!

FYI, Brian will be doing another Zoom meeting next week, so stay tuned to your app and your email for details on that.

Who’s up for a vertual happy hour?

We miss seeing ALL of your faces!

Did you know that we have 2 new Training Room babies!?

Congrats to both Lauren/Justin (Harriet Clare born on April 2)  and Gabi/Donny (Evan August born on April 1)  on the birth of their babies!

WATCH us LIVE at 8AM for the Strength Workout:

WATCH us LIVE at 9am for Yoga with Alicia: