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Simple Saturday Strength

This is a great one for home, but is better when done in a group.

It is a proven fact that you will work harder within a group.

So let’s go!!….and enjoy this one with your TR friends!


Don’t forget to sign up for the TR Winter Games!

ALL teams will be picked out of a hat on this.

Go here to read about this event and sign up for it.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell circuit.

Here’s a classic Training Room session.

You will need one kettlebell for this, but grab a few of different weights for the lower reps.

Kettlebell Deck of Cards….

Each suit represents a movement (split the reps up between single sided movements)

Jokers= 10 burpees

Aces=12 reps

  • Hearts=Kettlebell thrusters (single arm or two handed)
  • Diamonds=single arm rows
  • Spades=kettlebell cleans or high pulls
  • Clubs= crab toe touches, bicycles or any other abdominal movement.

Go through the entire deck.

Let us know what weight you used.

I pad Len!