Strength Deck of Cards

Training Room friends…it’s strength deck of cards!

Let’s keep this rolling…

What are you working on this week to make yourself better?

We love getting messages and comments from you and we can’t wait to get back as a group.

The next time we see you in the gym we should ALL be stronger and healthier.

Here’s the the Strength Deck of Cards menu for Tuesday.

As usual, you can do this with weight or without.

Use whatever you have including the following items:
  • kettlebell
  • dumbbells
  • medicine ball
  • sandbag
  • bands
  • sliders/paper plates
  • sledge hammer
  • household items (water jug, laundry detergent etc.)

We will go through the entire deck.

Let’s have some fun!

Here are your  movements…

  • Split squats
  • ring rows or 1 arm rows
  • floor press or Push-up options
  • Ab choice

Jokers..burpees, bla, bla ,bla, but there will be other options for you!

We go live at 7, but follow any time after that.

Drop your comments and let us know you were here.

Let’s go!

Here’s the live link.