Strength Doubleheader!

Get ready for our Strength Doubleheader on Saturday!

Saturday is our first “official” reopening of both the Courtyard of Crush in Avon and our newly power washed (Thank You Brian!) Courtyard in Manasquan!  We can’t wait to see you!

Strength Doubleheader!

Part 1 – Couplet:

1 min. work / 1 min. active recovery x 10 rounds (5 each – unless you are doing long cycle)

  • Swings, cleans, snatch, single-leg deadlift, birddog, or kettlebell long cycle
  • Push-press, hindus, shoulder taps, plank, low crawl, or kettlebell long cycle

Part 2:

15 work/ 15 rest x 5 rounds:

  1. Squat choice
  2. upper pull choice
  3. Ab choice
  4. Cardio choice

If can’t get to our outdoor training here’s the pre-recorded workout for Saturday: