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Hey freinds!

Welcome to Thursday!

We have plenty of Training Room attire for those of you who need an upgrade.

We also have gift certificates available for those of you who would like to spread the love to a family member of someone you really care about.

Today we’ll be doing the workout we did on Thanksgiving…

Perform each movement for 1 minute and go through each one non stop.

Do 4 rounds of the following and rest for 1 minute between sets.

Do 30 seconds on each side.

  • swings 30/30
  • Hindu push ups, push-up plank, or walkouts
  • cleans 30/30
  • press 30/30
  • squat or split squat 30/30
  • one arm row 30/30

Let us know how this one worked out for you…

Remember, we are having only morning classes on Christmes Eve.