Kettlebell or body weight strength flow.

Flowing into the week with this fun and effective kettlebell or body weight strength workout.


If you didn’t realize it…

We are repeating this last 4 week block of training sessions!

The object is to be able to see progression in your training.

As a result, Monday will begin with a classic Training Room strength flow that will start your week off just like it should be.

Like EVERY Training Room session, this particular strength session can be adapted to ALL levels or fitness!

Therefore, no matter what level you are at, we want to see that you are challenging yourself each and every time you come in to The Training Room.

Here’s what Monday will look like…

6 mininte flow x 4 rounds

We will be switching limbs every 30 second, AND switching  exercises every minute

Here’s the flow…
  • Kettlebell clean,single leg deadlift, or birddog (body weight option)
  • Overhead press R/L, or Hindu push ups
  • Split squat or step up
  • Row R/L or Ring Row
  • Plank, plank drag, sliders, or side plank
  • Easy cardio (keep yourself moving for a minute before starting your next round)

Finisher: Pick 1 cardio x 5 minutes

Levels of difficulty…

  • Advanced start with10 calories and add 2 every minute
  • Intermediate start with 8 calories and add 2 every minute
  • Beginners start with 6 calories calories and add 2 every minute

Here are some kettlebell windmill progressions for you to try out as a great option for “abs” in a strength workout.

The windmill should always be done as a SLOW and low rep exercise (no more then 5 reps per side)

Up Coming Events

Make sure to mark your calendars for ROW for HOPE half marathon row coming up on May 13 at Goodsports USA.

Proceeds from this event will go to JAG fund for brain cancer research.

Have an amazing week!