Friday is Strength Day!

The Beers & Bells Competition is in Manasquan at 6pm THIS Friday!
Good luck to all who are participating!

Friday’s Workout is 20 Work / 10 Hold for 6 Rounds!

  • Clean or single side deadlift/ rack hold
  • Press / overhead hold
  • Squat or split squat / hold halfway in a squat
  • Row / hold at ribs
  • Walkout or tabletop hovers / hold

Bodyweight Options / Substitutions:

  • Hip Bridge or Hamstring curl on rings
  • Push ups or Chaos push ups
  • Squat with mini band, split squat foot elevated, pistol options
  • Ring rows (with side bend and/or miniband resistance)
  • Plank, walkout or tabletop hovers

Enjoy the Day!

Watch This Video (below) of Mike doing Chaos pull ups! With the push-ups the band is where a barbell would be on the rack so it creates a huge neuromuscular feedback to stabilize and perform perfect push ups!  Give it a try sometime!