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Saturday Strength Intervals!

Time for 1 Minute Strength Intervals!

Keep your weights moderate on this workout and see how many GOOD reps you can get in each 1 minute interval!

If you are really working the strength and reps, you will need and appreciate the 1 minute rest.  If you are taking a more moderate or bodyweight approach, you can maintain a good active recovery pace!

Here is your 1 Minute Strength Interval Workout:

60 Work / 60 Active Recovery x 10 Rounds:

  1. Cleans, snatch, swings, deadlifts, or Birddog:
  2. Push-press, Hindus, shoulder Taps, down dog push ups:
  3. Longcycle (Clean & Press) or Stepups

If there’s time we will throw in a surprise finisher!

Let’s work hard and smart and have a GREAT Weekend!

TR at HOME Video Option:

Triplet Strength & Conditioning!

Triplets 30/20×4:

Triplet 1:

  • Goblet squat
  • row choice (1 arm/ring)
  • cardio choice

Triplet 2:

  • Swings,cleans or deadlifts
  • push-up or press /
  • cardio choice

Triplet 3:

  • Plank, crawl, mt. climbers /
  • knees to chest, bicycle, or twist / c
  • Cardio choice

Saturday’s workout link… watch anytime!