Strength Intervals

We have some classic 1 Minute Intervals for your Training Session on Friday!

We did these 1 Minute Intervals 4 weeks ago!  See if you can either increase your weight OR increase your reps per interval!

Remember we still have our March Challenges!  Static Straight Arm Hang & 1000m Concept 2 Bike for TIME!

1 Minute Strength Intervals 

You will work for 1 Minute and Rest/ Active Recovery for 1 Minute for 5 Total Rounds (15 Sets)

  1. Swing, clean, snatch, single leg deadlift, Box step-ups, GOATA Drop Ins
  2. Push-press, land mine, floor press
  3. Ab choice, Long cycle or cardio

Active recovery could include: Easy cardio, easy abs, light jog, walking, small steps… adjust your recovery depending on how hard you are working during each set!

Here’s a STRENGTH Workout Video: