Strength Ladders

Friday brings us all the Strength!

These 12 minute supersets are sure to start your weekend just right!

Our Warrior Challenge is set for October 23rd!  We are looking for Sponsors, Volunteers and TEAMS!

Let’s see what we’ve got… BACK and better than ever!  Sign up isn’t live just yet, but here’s the Warrior Events Website so you can find out more information about what we do… especially for all of you new faces!

12 minute ladders supersets:

Ladder Up from 1-5 or 2-10 and repeat for 12 minutes for each set!

Set #1)

  • clean n press
  • pull-ups or ring rows

Set #2)

  • squats
  • Abs:

Finisher Set #3)

  • Solo or partner 1000m or 5min Long Cycle or Snatch

Here is your video workout:

Kettlebell and Bodyweight A & B Strength!  

Non-stop 30 second intervals x 5min x 4rds:

1min rest between circuits:

Workout A – Bodyweight

  1. Pistols, step-downs, shrimp, curtsey squats or GOATA Drop Ins L/R
  2. 1 arm push-ups L/R or Shoulder taps
  3. Hip bridge L/R 
  4. 1. arm ring row L/R 
  5. Ab choice

Workout B – Weighted

  1. weighted goblet or split squat L/R
  2. 1 arm press L/R 
  3. SL deadlift L/R
  4. 1 arm rows 
  5. Walkouts

Finisher: Pick 5 cardio exercises and do each one for 5min or 5min KB sport choice:

Here’s a home video strength workout: