Strength Options.

We’ve got ALL of your strength options for Thursday!

Let it be known, the only way to improve is to challenge yourself with difficult things consistently!

Doing things that you don’t like consistently will make you physically and mentally stronger!

Many of us look at the these workouts posted each day and some of us don’t!

Some of us ALSO decide NOT to come to the gym because they don’t like a particular workout.

Chances are, this is the workout you SHOULD be doing (the one you don’t like).

The reason why (at The Training Room) we like to repeat certain workouts consistently is SO improvement happens.

Why do you think The Training Room likes to set up events such as The Warrior Challenge and the ROW for HOPE?

BECAUSE events give ALL of us goals to train for and achieve!

They’re also FUN and create a team bonding experience!

Speaking of events…

Our annual Turkey Day Relay is coming up on Thanksgiving Day!


The Ergathlon is set for February 18.

This is a Concept2 row, bike and ski for 10 minutes of each (max meters of each one)

Proceeds from this event will be going to Joan Dancy and PALS (helping those who have been struck with ALS)

The ROW for HOPE has been scheduled for May as well.

Stay tuned for registration details for these events.


Let us revisit this!

  • Being strong makes every day tasks easier
  • Strength can be put to good use when helping others do physical choars.
  • Being a stronger version of yourself enhances the fun physical activities you do making them more enjoyable.
  • A strong body can help prevent injury and illness.
  • Helps you recover faster from from injury.
  • Perform fun physical activities later in life.
  • Build stronger bones and tendons.
  • Help to optomize hormone levels.
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Build self confidence.
  • Look better.
  • Feel better.

What are some of your favorite biproducts of being a STRONG human?

Let’s hear it in the comment section!

Speaking of strength…

Thursday is Man Maker/Woman Maker day!

Work hard, work smart, move with a purpose, ask questions and try some new things that will help you be STRONGER!


Here are the options…

There will be 3 different options of man/woman makers to choose The Training Room on Thursday!

Pick your option and let it rip!

Option 1 – use kettebells or dumbells and go heavier for a strength focus.

Man Maker 5-6 Sets of 5 Reps for STRENGTH focus.

Use round 1 as more of a warm-up

Here’s a DEMO

This is BEST done while alternating sets with a partner.

One partner works while the other recovers.


  • Push Up – Row R
  • Push Up – Row L
  • Clean / Squat/ Press
Option 2

For those of you who want a more cardio…

25 Minute AMRAP!

Man makers PLUS 250 Cardio after each set of 5 reps!

Cardio choices:

  • row 250
  • bike 500
  • ski 250
  • run around the building (both gyms)
Option 3

30/20 x 6 rounds as a circuit

  • Push-up
  • 1 arm row
  • 1arm clean or high pull
  • 1 or 2 arm squat press
  • Ab choice
  • Cardio choice

Let us know which one you did and how you liked it!

Have an amazing Thursday!