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Friday is the Training Room Christmas Party at 7pm Anchor’s Bend in Asbury Park!

Let’s get some STRENGTH gains & then spend some time with the coolest people on the planet!

You have a choice between Kettlebell Sport or Traditional Strength Training Exercises

You will go:

2 minutes work / 2 minutes light cardio x 3 rounds

Complete all 3 sets of the same exercise before moving to the next!

You can choose to go Single or Double Kettlebells for this workout.

We will most likely have the clock set to 1 minutes intervals so you can switch sides at the halfway mark.

  1. Choice of Snatches, Cleans, Swings or Step-ups
  2. Choice of Kettlebell Jerks, Push Presses, Landmine Press or Floor Press
  3. Choice of Kettlebell Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk or Press) or Cardio Choice (row, bike, ski, run, sled…)

Here is a video of the MILKMAN demonstrating the difference between a Kettlebell Push Press & Jerk: