Strength Saturday

Saturday is looking fine!  Great day for a classic Training Room strength workout!

Keep it simple and have some fun!

Deck of Cards Strength

  1. Cleans, snatches, Single leg deadlifts, supermans, or Birddog:
  2. Kettlebell push-press, or Push-ups
  3. One arm rows or ring rows
  4. Ab choice

Jokers = 10 burpees, 50 JJs, or 100JR

Alternative Saturday STRENGTH Workout:

40/20 x 6 rounds!  Do a quick warm up and use the first round of the workout as part of your warm up!

  • Squat
  • Row
  • Press
  • Lunge (Drop-in) or Step
  • Ab choice
  • Cardio Choice

Here’s a Strength Workout you can do anytime at home!