Saturday is STRENGTH DAY!

We hope everyone had a great time at our Beers and Bells Season Opener!

Let’s cheer each other on through the weekend and carry it over to next week!

Next weekend we have the Manasquan Intercostal Tug of War!! It is confirmed that The Training Room is the defending champ from 2019!  Let’s keep that title!  Maybe Boxing Mike will make another News Highlight!

The Warrior Challenge is October 30th!  Do YOU have your TEAM SET?  If not, no worries, Milkman has an ongoing list of FREE AGENTS each looking to score a super fun team!

Saturday we have a STRENGTH Day!   

Strength & Conditioning Triplets:

30 work/15 rest x4 rounds:

Triplet # 1.

  • Swings
  • push-ups
  • row or run

Triplet # 2.

  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • bike

Triplet # 3.

  • Ab 1
  • Ab 2
  • ski

Here’s an Incredible Conditioning Home Workout:

  • Rd. 1) 30 work / 25 rest
  • Rd. 2) 30 work / 20 rest
  • Rd. 3) 25 work /15
  • Rd. 4) 20/10 x 2 

You will have 1 Minute Rest between each round.

Here is your Circuit:

  1. High Pull, Jump Pull or Fast Assisted Pull Up
  2. Mt. Climbers Or Crawl
  3. Quick Steps
  4. Squats  (drop, air, surfer, split. lunges)
  5. Crab Toe Touch or Bicycles
  6. Run in Place
  7. Skaters or Side Step
  8. Push-press or 1/2 Burpees
  9. Jump Rope, Rope Flow, or Jumping Jacks