Strength Sets with a HOLD for Friday at The Training Room.

Twenty ten strength sets means you can go a little heavier if you want…

Focus on twenty seconds of strict movement with a focused ISO hold for 10 seconds.

This one will add up!

20/10 Strength with a hold

4 rounds on each side.

  • Clean or superman / rack or hold
  • Press or push-up / hold up or down postion
  • Squat or split / hold or pulse
  • Row / hold Up
  • Abs plus hold and feel the BURN!

Repeat other side x 4 rounds on each side!


There’s ALSO a Finisher

20/10 x 2 of…

  • Drop squat / hold
  • mt climb / hold
  • high pull / rack
  • knee ups / hold
  • Cardio hard / easy

Have an amazing weekend!