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Supersets Saturday

Saturday we have some Strength Supersets

Supersets are a great way to alternate exercises so the body is always fresh and ready to work.

We are excited to be kicking off our Summer Athlete Program to prepare for the Fall season!
 Avon Members, check your email and reply if you are interested in a Summer Athlete Program!

Saturday Strength Supersets:

30 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest x 5 rounds (10 sets total)

Set 1)

  • swings, cleans, snatch
  • push-press(KB, or DB):

Set 2)

  • Goblet, or Jump squat
  • Ab choice

Set 3)

  • Pick 1 or 2 cardio exercises
  • 30 sec work  /30 complete rest x 10 (5 Each)
    • Advanced goal is 100 calories total
    • Intermediate goal is 80+ calories total
    • Beginner goal 60+ calories total

Here’s a classic Strength Couplet Video to follow along to at anytime!