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Strength Supersets

Wednesday is a total body 15 work / 15 rest strength superset workout!

It will definitely get you in solid form for the Intracoastal Tug of War THIS Saturday, October 9th!

Team TR will be tugging around 1:40pm!  Come check it out!

Here’s Wednesday’s Workout:

15/15×10 Supersets:

Superset 1)

  • Ring rows
  • push-ups:

Superset 2)

  • Swings or Jumps
  • Squat choice

Superset 3)

  • Ab choice
  • cardio choice

Repeat as a circuit!  15/15 x 10 rounds!  

Here’s one of our Tug of Wars in ACTION:  Manasquan Inlet Intracoastal tug of war

Here’s a Strength Video Workout: