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Strength Supersets

Tuesday’s Super Strength Supersets!

But first, a message from Mike!

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“Since The Training Room will be turning 23 years old on January 2, we are offering any college or high school student 5 weeks of unlimited training for $23!  Come to any class you want starting this week.  Here’s the online registration link.  In addition, for the month of January, I will also be opening up a time slot for college and high student athletes next week at 11 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Just sign up and SHOW UP!” 


Here’s Tuesdays Workout…. 

Tuesday’s Strength Workout:

30/30×5 Strength Supersets:

Set 1:

  • Squat press
  • Pull-ups:

Set 2:

  • Heavy swings or Dead’s
  • Ab choice:

Set 3 (3-4 rounds):

  • Gas pipe farmers walk:
  • Partner 1 does 100yd farmers walk while
  • partner 2holds the plank:
  • If solo, farmers walk 100yrds crawl 20yrs:

Let’s GOOOOO!!!!

Here’s a Strength Video Workout!  Watch and follow along at anytime!