Training Room Family!

Thursday brings us Strength Supersets!  As well as beautiful outdoor training weather!

But first, an important announcement about equipment returns…  Please begin to return your borrowed equipment as you feel more comfortable working our in our group classes. Simply cross your name off the list or let whomever is teaching that you have returned your equipment.  If you would like to hold onto items for a bit longer that’s OK, but if you aren’t using them at home, we will certainly be using them at the gyms!  

Share our information about group classes and our new 5 and 10 class Punch Cards with your Friends and Family!  You can find links to sign up for classes at either Manasquan or Avon HERE.

Strength Supersets

15/15 x 10 Total Sets (5 each)

Repeat for 2 full rounds.

Set 1:

  • ring rows, pull ups, 1 arm rows, renegade row variations
  • push ups

Set 2:

  • Swings, deadlifts or supermans 
  • squat choice

Set 3:

  • Ab choice 
  • Cardio choice

Here’s a video link if you don’t live local or can’t make it to the gym!  Keep sending us comments, suggestions and words of wisdom!  We love to learn, listen and improve each day.