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Strength Supersets with a Finisher

Hey Training Room family, Monday will start up with strength supersets!

As usual, it will be beautiful combination of strength and conditioning.

So far it seems like most of you are keeping up with the online stuff which is crucial for your health and fitness levels.

Keep the comments and check-ins coming by dropping your comments in the below comments area!

We will be adding bonus home workouts for those of you who have minimal equipment including the athletes from Freehold High School who are logging on to the site to stay ahead of the game!

You will also find these body weight bonus sessions challenging to your balance and mobility along with strength and stamina!

(BONUS VIDEO) To our athletes with little or NO equipment, here’s a fantastic home body weight strength and mobility flow that you can follow along with!

This will be your LIVE workout for tomorrow (it will be taped for later viewing as well)

30/30 x 6 rounds

Alternate between the two movements…

Superset 1

  • Goblet squats (use a kettlebell,dumbbell or any household item)
  • 1 arm or ring rows

Superset 2

  • Swings, deads, or supermans
  • Any overhead press (standing, kneeling, seated, bottoms up) or push-ups


10 minute AMRAP

  • 5 burpees, squat thrusts, or 10 shoulder taps
  • 10 snatch, clean, broard jump, or deadlift
  • 15/15  mountain climbers
  • 20 Air squats or step-ups
  • 25 jumping jacks or 50 jump rope revolutions

This will go LIVE at 7 AM Monday 3/23

We had some issues with the connection today, but it clears  up as it goes!