Friday Strength & Conditioning Triplets

Let’s move and groove with a little Strength & Conditioning to round out the week!

We will finished with some longer hold stretches & muscle activation to get into those hips and shoulders!

10 Reps x 10 Minutes

Triplet #1

  • Ring Row
  • Push Ups
  • Bike 10 cals

Triplet #2

  • Deadlifts, Cleans or Snatches
  • Weighted Step Ups (controlled)
  • Ski 10 cals or Jumping Jacks (50)

Triplet #3

  • Medicine Ball Sit Up, Resistance Band or Ball Toss with a Partner
  • Medicine Ball or Inertia Twist
  • Row 10 cals or Run 100 yrds


We will focus on 1 or 2 specific mobility (stretches) and muscle activation to make your hips and/or shoulders feel nice so you can do more fun things!

  1. Quad & Hip Flexor Stretch with Activation (either gluts, hamstrings or hip flexors)
  2. Chest  & Anterior Deltoid Stretch with Posterior (back muscle) activation

Here is ONE variation of an advanced Hip Mobility Series:

Have an AWESOME Friday!