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30 Minutes of Strength

We are riding through this week STRONG!

Stay tuned for our modified workout schedule this holiday weekend!

Here’s Thursday’s Strength Workout:

30 minute Strength Workout!  You can choose weighted or bodyweight options.

You can go at your own pace and choose to go up in weight each round or just push it a bit to see how many rounds you can get in the time frame… ALWAYS maintaining good technique!

30 Minutes of Strength:

  • 10 Swings or deadlifts
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 cleans, high pulls or superman’s
  • 10 overhead press or inverted press
  • 10 squat choice 
  • 10 pull choice (1 arm row, ring row, renegade row, banded pulls, pull down, pull up, etc…)
  • 5-10 ab choice 
  • *optional 10 calories

This workout should leave you feeling READY to take on any tasks for the week

Here’s a Video Workout for all of you at home or out of town:

Kettlebell and Bodyweight A & B Strength!  

Non-stop 30 second intervals x 5min x 4rds:

1min rest between circuits:

Workout A – Bodyweight

  1. Pistols, step-downs, shrimp, curtsey squats or GOATA Drop Ins L/R
  2. 1 arm push-ups L/R or Shoulder taps
  3. Hip bridge L/R 
  4. 1. arm ring row L/R 
  5. Ab choice

Workout B – Weighted

  1. weighted goblet or split squat L/R
  2. 1 arm press L/R 
  3. SL deadlift L/R
  4. 1 arm rows 
  5. Walkouts

Finisher: Pick 5 cardio exercises and do each one for 5min or 5min KB sport choice: