Why do YOU Strength Train?

Let’s celebrate Thursday at The Training Room with a full body strength circuit! (FYI, the best way to strength train)

As ALWAYS, we’ll be hitting ALL of the muscle groups in the body!

That’s the ONLY way (and most time efficient way) to do it when you’re looking for the BEST results from your strength training program.

As we age, strength training (an maintaining our strength) becomes more and more important for many reasons including..

Here’s my TOP 5 reasons to strength train!

  • Helps us to maintain our lean muscle (the armor that protects us from injury).
  • Builds and maintains bone density (which can can tend to lose as we age)
  • Keeps us strong enough (in our later years) to perform daily tasks proficiently.
  • Allows us to continue to engage in the extracurricular activities that give us joy in life!
  • Makes us look and feel sexy!

Please feel free to add to this list by posting in the comments below!

Why do YOU strength train?

Back to Thursday’s session….

Your work interval will be 35 seconds and your rest interval is 25 seconds.

Complete 5 rounds of the following strength circuit…

The Landmine is a great tool for suitcase deadlift…

Finish with some gun show and abs…

30/20 x 3 rounds of…

  • Bicep curls
  • Medicine ball twist, side bend or Bulgarian bag
  • Tricep extension
  • Ab Choice

As The Training Room celebrates it’s 25th year celebration, be prepared for a lot of activity to keep you engaged in a fit and healthy lifestyle!

First stop is the FIT 25 Challenge on January 27.

Go here to register for that! 

See you in the gym!