Strength Triplets

Tuesday brings us some STRENGTH triplets!

We are still offing the 12 session Punch Card Special at both MANASQUAN and AVON.  

Manasquan is also running an Athlete Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 PM with Brian.  There is room in the 5:30pm classes on Monday and Wednesday for your Athletes too!  You can sign them up HERE. 


Your intervals are 30 work / 20 rest for 4 rounds at each triplet!

Triplet #1

  • High pulls or Swings
  • Goblet squat
  • cardio choice

Triplet #2

  • Pull-up
  • push-up
  • cardio choice

Triplet #3

  • Ab choice 1 (knees to chest, bicycles, bulgarian bag, side bends, crab toes touches, power wheel…)
  • Ab choice 2 (plank, side plank, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, crawling…)
  • cardio choice

Training at HOME?  You can set your clock and do the workout above… OR if you prefer to follow along we have one for you here:

Play around with this warm-up! (video)

You will work for 1 Minute followed by 1 of Active Rest 

  1. Cleans, Snatches, Swings or Supermans
  2. Push Press, Kettlebell Jerk or Hindu Push-Ups
  3. Long Cycle (Clean & Press), Alternate Back Lunges or Step Ups

Examples of Active Rest:

Rope Flow, Jumping Jacks, Small Steps, Jog in Place, Jump Rope, Marching…