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Continuous Movement Strength Triplets

That’s right.. let’s MOVE!

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30 second intervals of work Non-Stop for 5 Rounds of these Strength Triplets!

You will have a short rest between each triplets!  Be efficient and with your movements and try to maximize your work time!

30/30/30 x 5 Rounds

Triplet 1)

  • Split Squat
  • Split Squat
  • Twist

Triplet 2)

  • Floor press
  • floor press
  • knees to chest

Triplet 3)

  • Swings, Cleans or Single Leg Deadlifts
  • Swings, Cleans or Single Leg Deadlifts
  • plank

Triplet 4)

  • Bicep
  • Tricep
  • Cardio

Each set is 7.5 Minutes which brings total work time to 30 Minutes!

Here’s a Single Sided Strength Video for those who still enjoy watching us do our thing!