Strength Triplets

Strength Triplets are on the menu for Tuesday.

At The Training Room, you can ALWAYS choose your strength tools.

Most of our sessions can be performed with a variety of training tools including kettlebells, dumbbells,medicine balls or even a sand bag or mace. Also remember that there’s always a body weight option for most of the movements.

They’re ALL good, serve their purpose and add variety to your training.
So, choose your tools for this session and let us know if you need any help with using them.

The medicine ball clean can be tricky.

It’s all about dropping under the weight, so watch this closely and give it a go!

Here’s a classic example (old video)

Thirty seconds work, thirty seconds rest for 6 rounds of each triplet…

Strength Triplet 1


Strength Triplet 2

Finisher: Partner 2000 meter or 100 burpees

Check the video for a demo of different styles of cleans with a variety of strength tools.