Strength with a Cardio Option.

Monday will be a strength focus with a cardio option or even a combination of both at The The Training Room.


PLEASE READ (Holiday Schedule)

  • Wednesday: Morning classses ONLY
  • Thrusday: Turkey Day Relay at 8 AM (No other scheduled classes)
  • Friday: 7 AM and 9 AM Classes ONLY (Both Avon and Manasquan)

Let us continue to move the chains forward and improve ourselves physically and mentally!

For those of you waiting for January 2 to make your comeback, you’re wasting precious time that could be spent bettering your health.

Here are Monday’s options….

OPTION 1 (pure strength with a finisher)

Strength Option with a finisher (60/30 x 4 rounds)

Strength Circuit: (60/30 x 4 rounds)


60/30 x 1

  • Row
  • slam
  • bike
  • Ski or squat thrust
  • skater or lateral step

OPTION 2 (quicker movements)

Substitute with quicker movements to get the heart rate up….

60/30 x 4-5 rounds

  • Swing or snatch
  • slam or squat thrust or try some mace swings 
  • Quicker step up
  • Rower
  • Ab choice

OPTION 3 (combo of both)

Mixed BAG

  • Round 1 do circuit 1
  • DO circuit 2 for round 2
  • Round 3 do circuit 1 again
  • Do circuit 2 for round 4

So far, It looks like the weather will be kind to us on Thursday for the Turkey Day Relay.

This event will be both indoors and outdoors and we are expecting a record amount of participants.


Don’t forget about our Christmas party on December 9 (Friday) 6-10 at Avon Marina.

Keep an eye out for the Evite.

Let’s have an amazing week!