One Minute Strength Intervals with active rest at The Training Room on Thursday!

Thursday is an exciting strength day with some one minute strength intervals for your lifting pleasure. 

A logical follow up to Wednesday’s conditioning session.

As usual, there will be several movement options to choose from in this efficient and effective strength session.

We will take a full minute or active recovery between each set.

Work hard with purpose on your set and recover properly so you’re ready for the next one.

There is a reason we take the full minute.

Active rest can mean any of the following things…

  • Some ab work which can also be Bulgarian bag or mace work.
  • Foam rolling for some MUCH needed soft tissue work. (some of us need it more then we think)
  • Light movement or mobility work to keep you loose.
  • Perhaps some stretching.
  • Some fillers such as accessary muscle work. (curls, triceps light dumbbell or band shoulder work)

If you are feeling frisky, try out some new things that will challenge you!


Here’s the workout…

1 minute work 1 minute  active rest x 5 rounds 

  • Cleans. swings, snatches, bird dogs, hinges.
  • Jerk or push press, see saw press, hindu push ups, landmine press, or shoulder taps.
  • Long cycle, weighted step-ups, sleds, lunge options.



Proceeds from this event will be donated to Joan Dancy and PALS for people living with ALS.


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