Friday’s Strength Workout

Kettlebell or Bodyweight Options

Friday’s Workout is 20 Work / 10 Hold for 6 Rounds

  1. Clean or single side deadlift/ rack hold
  2. Press / overhead hold
  3. Squat or split squat / hold halfway in a squat
  4. Row / hold at ribs
  5. Walkout or tabletop hovers / hold

Bodyweight Options / Substitutions:

  1. Hip Bridge or Hamstring slider curls/ hold extended or at top
  2. Push ups/ hold at bottom or 1 arm plank
  3. Squat with mini band, split squat foot elevated, single leg squat options/ hold at low position
  4. Ring rows/ hold with arms pulled in
  5. Plank, walkout or tabletop hovers/ hold at the most challenging position

Mobility Work: 

  • Ring or Bar Hangs (Start with Active Hangs – With the arms straight and the lats engaged!)  If you can do OK try alternating between active & passive hangs!  Shoot for 3 sets of 30 seconds.
  • Wrists & Elbows!  We could ALL use a little love here, so take some time to stretch and activate your extensor muscles and find your weakest (or most used) wrist & elbow spots and give them a little TLC!

Enjoy your day and weekend!