Today we’ll rock a little strong man combo.

Since the weather is agreeing with us, we’ll be heading outside for most of this workout.

Start out with joint mobility and basic kettlebell movements to warm up.

If you don’t have a tire, you will do walking lunges with a kettlebell, med ball or sand bag.

The work period will be 1 minute and the rest will be 30 seconds.

We will do this strongman circuit non-stop for 4 rounds.

  • Famers Walk or Pull up static holds
  • Inch worms
  • Tire flip or walking lunge (we did a partner tire flip)
  • Overhead kb or db walks/rack hold if you fatique
  • Walking swing variations

You’ll get the idea if you watch the video below.

The video is a little montage between yesterday and today.

We did a combination of forward, backward and lateral walking swings.

You will also see the partner tire flips and a Karate Joe advanced variation with a jump through the tire.