Strong Monday!

Let’s bring on the week with a NEW 8 week set of strength and conditioning workouts!

Monday starts STRONG with a good warm up followed by 25 minutes strength workout!

You will do 10 or 20 reps of each strength exercise and move onto the next exercise circuit style for 25 Minutes.

Most exercises are broken down into skill level and personal interest or preference.

  1. single sided weighted exercise
  2. double kettlebell
  3. bodyweight

Let’s see how many rounds you can complete in 25 minutes!  Remember, its a strength workout so we aren’t always focused on speed!

25 Minutes of Strength:

  1. 10/10 cleans L/R, 10 double cleans, or 20marching hip bridges:
  2. 10/10 push or floor press, 10 double press, or 10 or 20 push-ups:
  3. 10/10 step-ups or back lunges;
  4. 10/10 rows or 10 double bent rows;
  5. 10 or 20 ab choice:


  • pick 1 cardio 20/26/12/8/4 or 20/15/10/5
  • How ever long its takes to do the calories that will be your rest time.  
  • Go as fast as you can until you complete each interval.

Here’s a similar strength workout if you would like to follow along at home: