Lets start the week of STRONG and keep it rolling throughout!

Being physically strong will ALSO help us become mentally stronger.

It all begins with you showing up on Monday and getting to work.


Nobody but you can do the work.


Don’t EVER stop doing it!

Speaking of doing the work….

You may have noticed that we have been including more row, bike and ski in the last 4 weeks of training.

Weather you have noticed or NOT, we are doing this due to the upcoming ergathon event which we would like to see as many Training Room members register for.

Our main mission ath The Training Room and Hero Events is to help people, and we need your help to do this.

So, help us help others by getting yourself signed up HERE!

Proceeds from this event go to Joan Dancy and PALS for people living with ALS.

For Monday…

We will work for 30 seconds on each side (1 minute total) and rest for 30 seconds between exercises.

Here’s your single sided strength circuit.

We will top this one off with 100 calories on any cardio piece or reps of any body weight or kettlebell sport movement.

Show up…

Work hard this week, stay focused and have a great one!


Why no try out some band resistance?