"Ring the Bell"

Get through this ladder as quickly as possible, increasing the reps on the kettlebell snatches while decreasing the reps on the ring push ups. Just for kicks, lets throw 10 sit ups between each set of snatches and ring push ups.  If you don’t have rings, you need to get a pair!  These are the best!

No home gym should be complete with out kettlebells or rings! There are hundreds of different workouts you can do with just  these two items.

Kettlebell snatches 1r/1l
Ring push ups 10
Sit ups 10
Snatches 2r/2l
Ring push ups 9
Sit ups 10
Snatches 3r/3l
Ring push ups 8
Sit ups 10
Snatches  4r/4l
Ring push ups 7
Sit ups 10
Snatches 5r/5l
Ring push ups 6
Sit ups 10
Snatches 6r/6l
Ring push ups  5
Sit ups 10
Snatches 7r/7l
Ring push ups 4
Sit ups 10
Snatches 8r/8l
Ring push ups  3
Sit ups 10
Snatches  9r/9l
Ring push ups  2
Sit ups 10
Snatches  10r/10l
Ring push ups 1
Sit ups 10