Super Efficient Double Circuit

Get both you strength and conditioning on with this super efficient double circuit on Thursday.

The Training Room will never disappoint you.

BUT, we will be disappointed if YOU don’t show up 😉


We’ve got you covered for Thursday with this one…

Four rounds of each circuit.

As you may notice, each circuit will work opposing muscle groups along with some type of abdominal movement and conditioning component to keep the heart working.

There’s an actual purpose/reason for what we do each and every day.

30 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest

Circuit 1 will look like this. (Upper body pull, leg push with and abdominal and conditioning component)
  • Ring row or Pull-up
  • Weighted step ups or down (sled can work well here also)
  • Plank choice
  • Bike
Circuit 2 (Upper body push, hinge, core rotational component and conditioning)
  • Swings
  • Shoulder press options
  • twist, rotate or Bulgarian bag
  • ski

Let’s get after it on this fine Thursday!