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Super cardio is ALOT of fast moving STUFF! (as fast moving as you want it to be)

Just like ALL of our sessions, this can be done at your own pace if you are JUST starting out with us.

This style octane cardio does NOT require much in the way of equipment and is a GREAT one for home.

Check out this video that Jim and I did back in 2014 out at the track.


Any of the exercises can be substituted with a body weight movements.

This particular video features a run between each exercise which can also be replaced with a row, bike, ski or even jump rope or jumping jacks.

Try this one at HOME!

Let’s get after it!

30 Minutes of SOC!

10 minutes NON-STOP

Pick your options of weigted or body weight!

Do each movement for 1 minute and transition from one to the next…

  • Jump pull or high pull
  • Mountain climb or crawl
  • Lateral step options./ ladders etc.
  • Med ball or Bulgarian bag twist
  • Jacks or Jump rope
  • Air Squat
  • Bicycles or knees to chest/ sliders etc.
  • Inertia, ropes or slams
  • Squat thrust
  • Step up
  • Cardio choice

Repeat for 3 total rounds!

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Here’s another high octane workout for home.