Super Saturday is a conditioning day for us!

Charge your Saturday with this Training Room classic with a little kick at the end.

We hope you had an amazing week of training.

Remember, we will continue to run the Sunday 8 am class in Avon.


Take advantage of some extra credit if you wish and supercharge your Sunday as well.

If not, just make sure to stay active over the weekends and drink a lot of water!

We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Training Room Events to keep you busy, engaged in physical activity and to have some FUN!

This Training Room classic will charge you up for the weekend!

We will do a nice long warm up before digging in to this 25 minute AMRAP.

25 min AMRAP (get as many rounds as you can)

  • 5 burpees, squat thrust, or push-ups
  • 10 snatches, high pulls, jump pulls
  • 15 mountain climbers or 15 yard crawl
  • 20 swings or squats
  • 250 meters cardio, 125 revolutions of jump rope or 60 jumping jascks

We have next weeks challenge all lined up for you, so stay tune right here for that!

Here’s an oldy but a goody from 2013!