Supercharge your Monday!

These short and intense intervals will be a great way to supercharge your Monday and set the tone for the week.

The Training Room awaits your smiling face!

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Here’s what we’ve got for you on Monday…

20/10 x 10 sets of each couplet.

Couplet 1: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Jump pull or high pull
  • Mountain climb or crawl

Couplet 2: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Bike
  • Bike

Couplet 3: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Squat choice
  • Slam or sledge

Couplet 4: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Row
  • Row

Couplet 5: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Kettlebell swing or snatch
  • kettlebell or dumbbell push press

Couplet 6: 20/10 x 10 sets

  • Ski erg or Versa Climb
  • Ski erg or Versa Climb

Have an amazing week!

Keep on pushing hard and getting the most out of your time at The Training Room.

If your reading this on Sunday…

Happy Mothers Day to all of you kick ass moms out there!

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