Get ready to start your Saturday STRONG!

SUPERSETS are great way to build strength while still giving your body times to recover during the rest periods.

IF you feel like the rest is too long, you can add in one of many “filler” exercises to improve mobility, stability or specific small muscle group strength – a few are listed below!

Work 1 Minute / Active Rest 1 Minute x 10 Total Rounds (5 Sets Each)

  • 1 or 2 Kettlebell Push Press or Jerks
  • 1 or 2 Kettlebell Cleans, Snatches or Single Leg Deadlifts

Active Rest or “Filler Exercise”

  • Plank, Ab, Light Cardio, Side Steps with bands, Supermans/ Cobras, Cat/Cow, Hip Mobility, Ankle Mobility, Wrist Mobility, Hip Bridges…
  • You can also swing a mace, rope flow or even do some foam rolling

Part 2 – Grab a Partner and complete the following for 3-4 Rounds!

  • Partner 1 – 250 meter (or Sled Push 1 Minutes)
  • Partner 2 – Holds 2 Kettlebells in the Racked Position

Have an awesome weekend!