This was awesome conditioning work

I took our workout of the day and modified it to my needs today.

Our group workout was 8 rounds of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest non-stop using the GymBoss Timer
  • snatches r/l split up 20/20
  • push press r/l  slpit up 20/20
  • C2 rower 40 seconds

total of 24 minutes 

Since tomorrow is snatch day, I did
  • Kettlebell swings 32kg (average 24 swings)
  • Ring push ups (averaged 14 push ups)
  • C2 rower (averaged 1:45) total 1735m

Same 40/20 format as the group.

I actually trained with the Milkman today.

It was nice to have someone to train with.

Speaking of the Milkman, here's a clip from last Saturday's kick-ass workshop. 

Milkman demos evil wheel progressions