Monday’s Cardio Blaster is Tabata Intervals!

Tabata Interval Training is a great way to work on improving and maintaining healthy cardiovascular fitness levels. Athletes use this type of training to substitute their sport specific activities!

Let’s Go!  We are in WEEK 5 of our “Corona Training” and we are looking forward each day to creating new and engaging workouts!  This time has allowed us to grow and create new things for you!

Leave us a comment to say HI and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!  We miss you and hope you are staying engaged in the workouts.

Our Sunday Yoga Class links PART 1 and PART 2

Let us know if you would like more recorded Yoga Classes, Kids Classes or Senior Classes.

If anyone is having a difficult time with an injury, reach out to any of us and we will help get you back on track!

Now is the BEST TIME to work on things that will make you healthier, stronger and better in the long term!

Tabata Intervals

20 work /10 rest x 8 sets

Complete all 8 Sets before moving to the next!

  1.  Air squats, Drop Squats or Jump Squats
  2. One or Two Kettlebell or Dumbell Push-Press or Half Burpees or Shoulder Taps
  3. Sprint in place or quick low step-ups
  4. Swings, snatch, or Broad Jump
  5. Knees to chest or Bicycles
  6. Towel whip or Squat Thrusts

Finish with 1 x through each exercise 30 work /15 rest

Here is a Tabata Workout from Training Room Avon 10 years ago… a little courtyard magic!

Here is the LIVE Link for 7am Monday Morning!  Watch then or Watch Later

We had techical issues this morning, so here’s the live do over in Mike’s basement.