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Ten Minute Challenges

Thursday brings us to conditioning day and we have a 3 ten minute challenges set up for you.

Just show up at The Training Room, and we will point you in the right direction.

Here it is!

Triplets 10 minutes each: AMRAP

Take 2 minutes rest between each triplet…

Triplet 1
  • 10 calories on the rower
  • 10 step-ups
  • 10 half burpees

Triplet 2

  • 10 calories ski
  • 10 high pulls or bird dogs
  • 10 knees to chest

Triplet 3

  • 10 calories bike or shuttle run
  • 10 Jump pulls
  • 10 squat thrust, slam, or sledge hits

Please let us know if there are any movements that you would like to learn!

We are here to teach you and make you better!


If you plan on competing in This year’s Warrior Challenge, you NEED to sign up NOW and start asking friends for online donations.

ALL the proceeds from this event go directly to Task Force Dagger Foundation to help our verterans and their families.

Have a great Thursday!