Ten Minute Conditioning flow…

We have a ten minute conditioning flow lined up for Monday.

Starting your week off with this is great idea!

This 10 minute nonstop flow is just what you need to get your week moving in the right direction.

Swtich exercises every minute, flowing through non-stop.

Rest for 1:30 after each 10 minute round.

We will complete 3 rounds (30 minutes of work)

Here’s the flow:
  1. Jump pulls or high pull
  2. Lateral steps, skaters etc.
  3. Slam ball
  4. Step ups
  5. Shuttle run, run in place
  6. Mountain climb or crawl
  7. Bulgarian bag twists or swings
  8. Wall ball or squat press
  9. Bike or ski
  10. Jump rope of jumping jacks

Let’s have an amazing week!