It’s a rainy day here at the Jersey Shore, but who cares!

We’ve got each other.

And, we’ve got lots of kettlebells to throw around.

Lets start this day out with some joint mobility to wake you up and then follow up with our kettlebell warm up.

Today we’ll give you the choice of double or single kettlebell movements.

I highly recommend the doubles!

You will complete 5 rounds of the following movements.  If you finish before 25 minutes is up, then do another set.

Double kettlebell option (highly recommended)

  • Double kettlebell swings 10
  • Double kettlebell floor press 10
  • Double kettlebell split squat 5/5
  • Double kettlebell bent row 10
  • Double kettlebell push press 10
  • Double kettlebell clean 10
  • Walkouts 5


  • Kettlebell swings 5/5
  • Push ups 10
  • Kettlebell split squats 5/5
  • One arm rows 5/5
  • Kettlebell push press 5/5
  • Kettlebell cleans 5/5
  • walkouts 5

Make sure to check the video library out,, I added a few vids that I shot with Zach Even Esh.

Look under Medicine balls. There a cool sand ball conditioning complex that Zach demos.  I also put up some double kettlebell conditioning combinations that are pretty cool.

Hey! Make sure to drop us a comment below and tell us which option you chose today and what weights you used.