Hey everyone!

We haven’t done this one in a while.

This is the first time the Point Pleasant Beach people have seen this one.

Warm up with a two round circuit warm up 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest…

  • ring row
  • squat
  • push up, second round half burpee
  • kettlebell swings, second round high pulls
  • jumping jacks or jump rope
  • bicycles
Here’s your deck of cards…
  • Hearts: drop squat or air squat
  • Diamonds: 1/2 burpees or knee tucks
  • Spades: Kettlebell high pulls or standing broad jump( 1jump =1 rep)
  • Clubs: power v-sits
jokers still= 10 burpees
Aces= 12 reps

Here’s the one we did last time

Here’s another classic Milkman