The Freestyle Steve Conditioning Circuit

You know you’ve made it BIG when you get a workout named after you. We’re kicking off the week with “The Freestyle Steve”.

This one will consist of 10 minutes of non-stop movement with a minute rest for 3 rounds of the following.

We will stay in one area with any equipment you may need and perform each movement (10 of them) for 1 minute.

Some equipment you may need.

This one can ALSO be done with JUST body weight.

  • Medium to lighter weight kettlebell/s
  • Mat
  • Jump rope
  • Medicine ball for slams
  • Dumbbell/s or the same kettlebell for push press

Here are the 10 movements:

  1. Kettlebell swing or hinge.
  2. Mountain climb or plank choice.
  3. Lunges (alternate).
  4. Bicycles or sit throughs (Steve’s favorite).
  5. Jacks or jump rope.
  6. Skaters (another one of Steve’s favorites).
  7. Twist, bend or Bulgarian bag moves.
  8. Push press.
  9. Run in place (also known as PEGS).
  10. Squat thrust or slams,

After each 10 minute circuit we will rest for 1 minute.

Complete 3 rounds.

Let’s have a great week!