The Friday Strength FLOW

Friday’s strength flow will be done with either kettlebells or body weight.

You can also mix up both.

Here’s what it looks like…

Kettlebell or Body Weight Flow

Go through this non-stop (5 minutes to get through 1 round) switching sides every thirty seconds.

Go in this order:

Complete 4 rounds
  • Single arm swing (R/L), clean(R/L), single leg deadlift(R/L), or Birddog(R/L)
  • 1 arm press(R/L), push-up choice, or shoulder taps
  • Split squat(R/L), alternate leg lunge, or box step
  • upper pull choice (alternate or R/L
  • Abs for  1 minute

Pick 2 cardios and alternate back and forth 40/20 x 10 sets , or 100 calories whatever comes first

Have an amazing Friday!