Hey Training Room friends!

All of Saturday’s Avon training sessions will be on the East End Ave beach tomorrow.

There is also the possibility of a beach workout in Point Beach…

We love to give you the best training options we can!

We love you guys!

We will be doing the “Primal Mile”

This all body weight challenge will look like this:

Joint mobility on the beach followed by a body weight warm up…

Go through this 3 times to equal a 1 mile distance.

  • 100 yd run, jog or walk
  • 100 yd crawl (any variation or mix crab, bear)
  • 100 yd run,jog or walk
  • 100 yd burpee or squat thrust broad jump or burpee/squat thrust 2 step lunge walk

Let us know how this worked out for you!

Not a bad place to train, right?

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