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The Skinny Mike

Hey Training Room crew!

We are currently working on a lifestyle reset challenge (still not sure about what we’re calling it) for January.

This will be very unique and will NOT just be about weight loss, but about reaching resonable goals, getting healthier and maintaining throughout our lives.

As we already know, strict and rigid diets are very short term and cannot be maintained.
There is NO reason to deprive yourself!

We all need to find the right lifestyle balance, aned there is NO one thing that works for all of us.

NOW, onward to Thursdays play session which NOW has an official name.

60/30 x 4 rounds of Skinny Mike 

Abs, Heart and Lungs….

  • row
  • plank or crawl
  • bike / side plank
  • ski or run
  • bird dog or hip bridge

Have a great Thursday!